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Microsoft shareholders want an inquiry

To investigate Bill Gates’ alleged misconduct.  Microsoft’s policies regarding sexual harassment are outlined in the company’s policies. Investors are seeking additional details on the policies that, according to them, permitted Bill Gates’ alleged misconduct.

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 The Times of London reported that Glass Lewis, a proxy firm, had asked for John Thompson’s demotion as director of the company. According to the article, Thompson was responsible for an investigation into Gates’s alleged behavior.

 Arjuna Capital, an investment company has announced in June it will include an shareholder resolution to this year’s proxy. The resolution calls for an impartial and open inquiry into claims of discrimination against women at the firm and sexual harassment.

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 The proposal’s text: “Reports about Bill Gates’ inappropriate relations with and sexual advances towards Microsoft employees have only added to concerns, and have raised questions about the corporate culture created by the top management and the responsibility of the board to hold the accountable.”

 It stated: “Investors are worried that Microsoft might be experiencing an environment of sexual harassment that could affect Microsoft’s ability to attract top talent.”

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 Arjuna also demanded that Gates release an independent investigation into allegations made at the executive level, which includes Gates his recent accusations.

 Microsoft advised shareholders to not vote on the resolution contained in proxy materials. Microsoft stated that the resolution could duplicate existing procedures.

 Microsoft will release an annual report that details its policies regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination the company said.

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 The company said that “This report will be a significant step towards addressing important issues identified in the shareholder’s proposal.” “Microsoft does not condone discrimination or harassment.”

 The annual meeting of the company is scheduled to be held on the 30th of November.

 The actions of these investors were prompted by a variety of stories about Gates his alleged misdeeds in the years preceding his divorce from Melinda French Gates.


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