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Microsoft shareholders are demanding an inquiry

To investigate Bill Gates’ alleged misconduct. Microsoft’s policies regarding sexual harassment. Prior to Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting in the coming month, investors are looking for additional details about the policies they say they believe allowed for alleged sexual misconduct of co-founder Bill Gates.

 Proxy firm Glass Lewis was calling for the removal of John Thompson, one of Glass Lewis’s directors, The Times of London published on Saturday. According to the report, Thompson was responsible for an investigation into Gates’s alleged misconduct.

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 Arjuna Capital, an investment firm, announced in June that it would add the resolution of shareholders to this year’s proxy. The resolution calls for an independent and transparent inquiry into claims of gender discrimination within the firm and sexual harassment.

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 The version of the resolution that is proposed: “Reports about Bill Gates inappropriate relationship with and sexual advances towards Microsoft employees have only intensified concerns, and have raised questions about the culture that was established by top leadership and the role of the board to hold the accountable.”

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 It added: “Investors are worried that Microsoft could be suffering from the stigma of sexual harassment that could jeopardize the company’s ability to draw talent.”

 Arjuna also demanded that Gates release an independent inquiry into allegations at executive level, which includes Gates recently made allegations.

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 Microsoft advised shareholders not to vote on the resolution included in proxy materials. Microsoft said that it would be a duplicate of existing policies.

 Microsoft will issue an annual report outlining its policies on gender discrimination and sexual harassment the company said.

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 The company stated that “This report will provide a comprehensive overview of key topics identified by the shareholder’s proposal.” “Microsoft will not tolerate discrimination or harassment.”

 The annual meeting of the company will be held on November 30.

 The actions of investors came in the wake of stories about allegations of misconduct by Gates in the decades before his high-profile divorce from Melinda French Gates.


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